Creating microservices with Helidon and Java


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Many existing applications are built as Jakarta / J2EE monolithic applications, and for various reasons (performance, scaling, agility) there is a need to move them to a modern cloud native architecture. Helidon is a Java framework implementing the Eclipse MP standard, and is designed to help take existing Java code and restructure it into a microservices architecture. This 90 min hands on lab is designed for Java developers, we will look at how to create REST enabled services using simple annotations, to apply a security model, explore the implications of scope and dependency injection, how to use a database within the microservices and how to have the microservices communicate with each other and handling the expanded fault space that comes from using REST. Attendees will need to have basic familiarity with Java and working using a IDE. They will need a laptop with a VNC client installed, as all development will be in an OCI tenancy. Attendees will be able to environment this to continue to explore the capabilities of Helidon after the lab if they wish.

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