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Java’s just Java, right? Actually no.Java is developed through the OpenJDK project, led by Oracle.As this is an open source project, anyone can create their own JDK build, just like anyone can create their own linux distribution.However, for reasons of compliance, stability and security it makes sense not to create your own JDK build, but rather to use one that is supported by a vendor, and even more sense to get that support from the company with most Java expertise - Oracle.Another dimension to consider is where you run your Java workloads. Java is the #1 language used in the cloud. There are expected to be 85 billion active cloud JVMs by 2025. So “cloud” is clearly something to consider. But which cloud?Ideally you want your cloud provider to understand the technology you’re running. As a cloud provider and the steward of Java, Oracle is uniquely placed to deliver value to Java customers running on OCI.In this talk, I’ll be discussing the benefits of using the Oracle JDK and the additional value you can derive from running Java on OCI.

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