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The software engineer mindset is about solving the problem. The more senior you are, the faster you are in finding simpler solutions. The more technologies you are familiar with, the more non-localized solutions you are able to produce. The software engineer mindset is not saying “I don’t know about that, another colleague was doing it”. The software engineer mindset never results in narrow specialists. But it doesn’t mean you don’t “drill” into a particular technology. In fact, you drill into many particular technologies / frameworks / levels of abstractions. You become proficient with them, then you move on to the next one. Probably with side projects, probably as transitioning from one job to another, where something unfamiliar is used alongside the known bits. Over time, you gather enough experience that each new technology is familiar and you get into it pretty quickly. On the other hand, staying focused on one particular technology for a long time doesn’t let you see the full spectrum of possible solutions to a problem. So no, doing mostly jQuery/Rails/Spring/Android/… for 15 years doesn’t make you a “senior software engineer”.

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