After the conference

Thank you to everyone who participated in the conference. I hope it just met your expectations.

  • These days we will publish pictures on the Facebook pages of the conference.
  • The presentations that the lecturers send to us will be placed alongside their lectures in the Program.


Here are the results after entering surveys with ratings, which the participants filled out after each lecture.

The best-rated lectures:

ID Average score Number of polls Lecture / Lecturers
209 4,96 41 From tipfeller to successful delivery using fuzzy search - Josip Mihaljević & Antun Štabarkov (BISS)
410 4,88 21 Get hands on with GraalVM and native image - Aleksandar Prokopec (Oracle LAB)
110 4,86 44 The Next Frontier in Open Source Java Compiler - Rich Hagarty (IBM)
403 4,86 22 Transportation network in graph database - Marijo Maracic (FIVE - Pet minuta)
111 4,86 64 Java Community keynote - Branko Mihaljević & Aleksander Radovan (HUJAK)
311 4,85 23 How I beat The Lady Luck? - Aleksandar Stoisavljević (NovaCode)
203 4,84 56 Developing GraphQL APIs with Spring - Maciej Walkowiak
109 4,82 19 Running Open Cloud - Jamie Coleman (IBM)
206 4,80 20 Secure your web apps with an API Gateway - Nicolas Fränkel (Apache APISIX)
302 4,79 29 Kafka Universe - End-to-End Streaming Data Pipelines - Igor Buzatović (Porsche Digital Croatia)
404 4,78 16 Developing Custom SonarQube Rules for Java - Martin Gluhak (IBM iX)
305 4,75 30 Spring Boot application on AWS Fargate - Miljen Stanković (LIBUSOFT CICOM)
402 4,75 20 Mutation testing - Stjepan Benčić (IBM iX Croatia)
K3 4,73 81 Automated Code Quality Checks with Custom Sonar Rules - Daniel Strmečki (IBM IX)
412 4,73 42 Beyond Devops, what is next, and why - Pieter de Visser (PDVBV)

Lecture with the most collected polls (81) = Danijel Stmečki (IBM iX) - Automated Code Quality Checks with Custom Sonar Rules

Average number of polls per lecture = 30

Total average score of all lectures = 4.56


Congratulations to the best-rated lecturers. Thanks to all the lecturers for sharing their knowledge with us.


Hope to see you all next year.

Branko Mihaljević, President of the program committee

Davor Ranković, President of the organizing committee


The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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