Backend for Front-end: why and how?


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You shouldn't do microservices. If you do, you're probably having tons of technical issues.In the good old days, applications were simple. A browser send a request to a webapp endpoint; the latter fetched data from a database and returned the response.Mobile clients changed this approach.The display area of mobile clients is smaller:just smaller for tablets, much smaller for phones.A possible solution would be to return all data and let each client filter out the unnecessary one. Unfortunately, phone clients also suffer from poorer bandwidth. Hence, over-fetching is not an option. Each client requires a different subset of the data.To avoid the over-fetching issue above, each microservice needs to serve the data strictly necessary for each kind of client. It introduces coupling between a microservice to its clients.Backend For Front-end is an approach to tackle this issue. In this talk, I'll describe it, its possible implementations and demo them.

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