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Most of us as Software Developers have something called the main job that we do to earn money, run the family, take care of our needs.In many cases, a main job may not run as per your wish and control.Then what about your passion and eagerness of learning something new? That's where the Side Project comes in.A side project is something that you are doing aside from your main job to fuel your Passion while learning something new.It has several advantages like: live your passion, learn news skills, potential to grow, boost mental health etc.Goal of this presentation is to show what you can do in four, five evenings and enrich your experience. Idea came whileI was watching Eurovision Song Contest with my friends. I wanted to be in advantage knowing who are favourites and possible winners.Presentation will answer some questions like: what was a drive, how to grow your idea, what it takes to accomplish it, result in a working demo and final conclusion.

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